Stay Awake this Christmas

By Pastor Brady Wolcott

Mark 13:33. Be on guard, keep awake. For you do not know when the time will come.

Have you ever been surprised by something? Maybe a birthday party, or a visit from a loved one. Usually we are surprised because whatever the surprising thing is wasn’t on our radar. We weren’t thinking about it at all… and then it happened.

Jesus is telling us in our Fighter Verse to constantly be ready for his return. We are to stay awake. Don’t “go to sleep” on Jesus coming back for us.

In this season of Advent, we are reminded of a man who was constantly looking for Jesus’ first coming. His name was Simeon and his story is found in Luke 2. The shepherds were surprised by the coming of the Christ, but Simeon was not. They were afraid, Simeon was at peace.

Simeon knew that the Christ was coming, the Holy Spirit had told him so (Luke 2:26). Unlike Simeon, we “do not know when the time will come.” But like Simeon we know that it will happen. Why? Because it is a promise of God.

This Christmas season don’t lose sight of the Second Coming in your celebration of the First Coming. In fact, never lose sight of the Second Coming. Stay awake. Let this season remind you of the hope we have of Christ’s return. Let it bring to your heart the perfect balance of peace and urgency. Let it motivate you to live differently. Let it keep you from finding your comfort and hope in the things of this life. Stop looking for the blessing of Heaven here on earth. Be alert. Stay awake. Those who tell you to look for these blessings now are deceiving you.

Yes, Christ has given you the spiritual blessings of his perfect love and forgiveness. But only when he returns will we experience the final heavenly blessings of his presence here on earth. Until then we live in purity of heart as we await the purification of the entire world.