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Find a Small Group

Why Small Groups?

Life is meant to be done together. And, although it is very important, Sunday Worship Service is not really the environment where you can develop deep relationships with other believers. There is time to shake hands and say hello, but maybe not enough time to actually get to know someone and invest in their life. That is why finding a small group is extremely important for your growth as a disciple of Christ.

Types of Small Groups

All of our small groups serve two purposes. One, to grow us spiritually by reminding us of our need for God. And two, to provide us an outlet to make new spiritual friends who we can share our lives and the gospel with. Small Groups at Grace are flexible and can take many different shapes.

For an ideal small group environment we recommend that groups consist of between 3-8 people. Groups can be men/women only, coed, married couples, etc. They can meet in homes, available church rooms, or public places. They can follow along with the sermon questions provided each week or they can focus on specific studies relevant to their group members. If you have any questions, email one of our Small Group Directors.

Joining a Small Group

Check the small group listing to see which group works for you. Send an email to the small group leader saying that you would like to join. Remember to confirm the day, time, and location with the leader. Meet up with your group!

Leading a Small Group

If you would like to create and lead your own group you are more than welcome to do so. Just send an email to one of our small group directors (info below) to let them know: the meeting day, time, location, and topic (if any) of your new group. 

Small Group Directors

Contact our Small Group Directors if you have questions or need help.

Women's Small Group Director

Regina Hanson

Men's Small Group Director

David Hamma

Married's Small Group Directors

Brady & Joy Wolcott