Pastoral Internship

Learn to serve in full-time ministry

Our Pastoral Internship Program is designed to help you grow in character, competence, and commitment to spread the fame of Jesus among the nations. At the end of the internship, the goal is to send you out to plant new churches, revitalize dying churches, serve in global missions, or go on staff at an existing church (possibly even ours).

What to Expect

This is a part-time ministry position targeting approximately 20 hours per week. It includes a stipend of $800/month. Your specific days, hours of work, and involvement will be agreed upon before the internship begins. Here are some examples of things you might be doing as a Pastoral Intern.


  • Participate in all major church events.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Assigned Reading: Read the assigned booklist and write reports based on this reading. Sample reading list >
  • Mentoring: Each intern will be assigned to a pastor to meet together and talk about ministry/life.
  • Administrative Ministry: A portion of office hours may be spent working on various administrative aspects of church life.
  • Student Ministry: Participate in either high school or middle school ministries depending on your area of focus.
  • Children Ministry: Participate in an area of our children’s ministry depending on your area of focus.
  • Meet with Elders and Deacons: Prepare a questionnaire for an individual meeting with Elders and Deacons.
  • Meet with Members: Meet with new and old members. Prepare questions to ask.
  • Leadership Training: Attend a Leadership Training class, composed of men who are preparing for leadership positions in the church.
  • Support Groups: Observe at least one of our support groups during the internship.
  • Pastoral Care: participate in visitation, counseling, and member care.
  • Preaching and Teaching: work with a pastor to determine appropriate opportunities to exercise your gifts in teaching and/or preaching.