Small Groups as Mutual Ministry

Pastor Brady Wolcott

Romans 12:5. so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

The beautiful display of our union with Christ is in our mutuality with one another. We are members of one another. We belong to each other. We are meant to impact one another. Whether you admit it or realize it or not, everything you do or don’t do as a Christian influences and impacts the body of Christ.

We are called to mutual ministry. We are not called to sit in pews on Sunday. We are not called to be ignorant of our gifts and never use them. We are not called to just “be fed.”

We are called to love. Actively. To feed Christ’s sheep. To serve the body. To encourage. To do life with each other. To “one another.” To be used by God in ordinary ways for the good of the church.

When I look at what we are called to be from Romans 12 alone, not to mention the rest of the New Testament, I am more and more convinced that the best way that the church can encourage this kind of mutuality in the body is through a small groups ministry.

Let’s be honest, most of us need a structure in place to help us to live the life of a disciple. I know I do. Without a small group ministry, as an introvert with superiority issues, I would never naturally or organically just choose to live my life with other Christians, especially Christians that are different from me.

Sure, in the perfect world, or Heaven, we won’t need a small group ministry. We will all just love each other all the time. Never hiding. Never avoiding. Never conceited. But until that day, I need a nudge in order to live out the community that Christ saved me into.

So let me ask you a question, “Do you think everyone in the church should be living in community? Should everyone be using their gift? Should everyone be praying? Should everyone be showing brotherly kindness? Should everyone give honor to others? Meet needs?  Be humble? Prophecy? Accept others? Forgive others? Live by faith?”

If your answer is yes (and it better be), then I know of only one place in the church where all of this happens for everyone involved on a regular basis- small groups. Yes, it happens for some people, in some places, at some other times. But in small group everyone ministers. Everyone brings their gift. Everyone learns to love. Every time.

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