Sunday Morning Classes

Classes are on Sundays from 9:00-10:15am at GBC Main Campus.


The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project offers a chronological journey through all of scripture over 3 years that will equip you to understand and apply the gospel to all of life while connecting all of scripture to the gospel. Beginning in Genesis this Fall. Choose a Gospel Project Group from the options below:

Room 101: Ray McAllister

Room 104: Don Jillson

Room 106: Mike Yeager/Dan Redmond

Relational Evangelism

This course shows us how to share our faith within the context of our relationships. Along the way you will develop your own story, learn your spiritual gift and evangelism style, and practice sharing the good news with others. It will challenge you to use your personal relationships as the context for evangelism.

Teacher: Pastor Mark Tanious | Room 103

2 Samuel

2 Samuel tells some of the most beloved stories in the Bible. In it we see God establishing the Davidic dynasty and making his covenant with King David which will ultimately point to his covenant with us through Jesus Christ. David, the flawed hero, reminds us of our need for the greater hero. The Shepherd King who will save his people from their sins.

Teacher: Barry Modeste | Room 202

2Squared Discipleship: Book 1

This class is recommended for all leaders at Grace.  LIFE is the foundational study of 2Squared. It is invaluable for all who would like to grow deeper in their understanding of the Christian’s union with Christ. Through this study you will gain an understanding of your new reality in Christ as well as a vision for how to guide others into growth in Christ

Teacher: Pastor Brady Wolcott | Room 116


Finishing Exodus we will continue to explore how we can be free from the slavery of sin and be submissive to the changes God wants to make in our lives. Class will then move into Romans, a book that will equip you to not only understand the depth of the gospel but to also live each and every day from the gospel.   

Teachers: Tom Yoakum, Chris Mikesh, Ron Quarto |

Room 100

Women in the Word (women only)

Join this study as we discover what we can learn from women in the Word.

Teacher: Bethanne Puckett | Room 204