Sunday Morning Classes

Classes are on Sundays from 9:00-10:15am at GBC Main Campus.


Know Your Bible: Fundamentals of Biblical Interpretation

The Bible/God's Word is undeniably one of the most essential and impactful elements of the Christian's life. Therefore, learning how to effectively approach, interpret, and apply Scripture is crucial in knowing God more richly and in understanding how to live out a faithful life in Christ. During the duration of this course, we will learn the fundamental principles on interpreting scripture accurately by reviewing the "Three Horizons" interpretive method and will actively discuss the application of these principles in everyday practice.

Teacher: Aaron Dinio | Room 101

Why Church?

This foundational class will help you to understand the purpose and mission of the local church. What is God’s design for the church? How is it to be organized? Why do we do the things we do? How can we discover unity within our diversity? All this and more will be covered.

Teacher: Don Jillson | Room 202

Bioethics: Part 2

This class will explore the moral issues we all face when confronted with various life decisions. Our goal is to build a biblical worldview that can help us to navigate complex life decisions. In Part 2, we will focus on end of life bioethics such as euthanasia, palliative care, and stem cell research.

Teacher: Pastor Mark Tanious | Room 204

Apologetics: Part 2

Why is there evil in the world? Is the Bible full of errors, how can it be trusted?  What does the Bible say about our origin? What did Christ accomplish on the cross? Could the Resurrection simply be a myth? Is the Church responsible for building God’s Kingdom on earth? How does our view of the End Times affect our lives today?  We will tackle these and other tough issues over the next four months. We are told to have a defense for what we believe, but that starts with knowing and understanding the Biblical doctrines and why they are true. Bring your thinking caps and your desire to dive deeper into the Truth and join us on the journey.

Teacher: Dr. Jeff King | Room 116

The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project offers a chronological journey through all of scripture over 3 years that will equip you to understand and apply the gospel to all of life while connecting all of scripture to the gospel.

Teacher: Bryce Blackford | Room 102

Exodus: Part 2

We are brought out in order to be brought in. This is the theme of Exodus and the theme of our salvation in Christ. The book of Exodus will show us both the glory of God and the grace of God as he resuces his people and turns them into his holy and royal priesthood. There is much to learn for us as Christians as we see the nature of salvation but also the need for a New Covenant in Christ.

Teachers: Ray McAllister & Aaron Dinio | Room 100


What is the difference between genuine faith and counterfeit faith? How do we know for sure that our faith is real? How can we know joy even in trials, and patience even in suffering? The book of James will equip you to answer these questions and live in the freedom of true faith.          

Teachers: Dan Redmond & Mike Yeager | Room 206

2 Samuel

2 Samuel tells some of the most beloved stories in the Bible. In it we see God establishing the Davidic dynasty and making his covenant with King David which will ultimately point to his covenant with us through Jesus Christ. David, the flawed hero, reminds us of our need for the greater hero. The Shepherd King who will save his people from their sins.

Teachers: Barry Modeste | Room 104

John: Part 1

John’s epistles offer us certainty in an uncertain age. John knew that if we are not sure about what we believe about God, Christ, ourselves, and faith we can be drawn away from the truth. John’s epistle will help you to know Christ and to believe in him while living in his love.                                                                      

Teacher: Walter Dyer | Room 103

Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah

This class will look at the prophecies of Jesus’ first and second comings found in the Exile books of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Zechariah. Some of these prophecies will find their fulfillment in Revelation. Although often these prophecies involve judgment, there is also great hope for us who are in Christ. All the promises of God will find their “Yes” in Christ.

Teachers: Tom Yoakum, Dave Winger, Terry Brown

Room 106

Isaiah 53 (for women)

Isaiah 53 describes a mysterious figure who provides the solution for the human condition by carrying griefs and sorrows, healing brokenness, and bearing sin.  He is the Servant of the Lord!  Learn how this Servant of the Lord was despised and forsaken, crushed for our iniquities, and became the final sacrifice for us. 

Teacher: Bethanne Puckett | Room 201