Sunday Morning Classes

Classes are on Sundays from 9:00-10:15am at GBC Main Campus.


The Gospel Project

Continuing through the 3-year chronological journey of the Bible, the Fall session will cover 1 Kings to 2 Chronicles where the Israelites experienced firsthand the promise of God’s discipline and judgment for rebellion but not without His mercy and patience to call His people back to himself through His prophets.

Room 101: Ray McAllister

Room 104: Don Jillson

Room 106: Mike Yeager/Dan Redmond

2Squared Discipleship: Book 1

This class is recommended for all leaders at Grace. LIFE is the foundational study of 2Squared. It is invaluable for all who would like to grow deeper in their understanding of the Christian’s union with Christ. Through this study you will gain an understanding of your new reality in Christ as well as a vision for how to guide others into growth in Christ.

Teachers: Pastor Mark Tanious & Zach Iszard

Room 103

2Squared Discipleship: Book 2

In Book 2 we will continue to explore how our spiritual growth and discipleship is all rooted in our union with Christ. We will learn how to “live backwards” through his story of glory, resurrection, death, life, and incarnation. Through this study you will be able to see how your life connects to Christ’s and how to guide others into this connection as well. (prerequisite Book 1 LIFE)

Teacher: Pastor Brady Wolcott | Room 118


These two historical dramas come together to tell us the story of God’s kingdom on earth – Judah, and it’s counter kingdom – Israel. God’s faithfulness is revealed through these two nations as his redemptive plan cannot be shaken. With the story of each king, good or bad, we will be reminded of our great King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Teacher: Barry Modeste | Room 203

Joshua, Judges, and Ruth

Joshua, Judges, and Ruth tell the history of Israel’s early, pre-monarchical life in Canaan. Their narratives mix exhilarating stories of God’s deliverance and somber examples of the people’s disobedience. This class will explore the history and culture of the era to explain the difficult issues raised and relate the lessons to contemporary Christian life.

Teachers: Various teachers

Room 100

The Names of God (Women's Class)

The names of God are windows through which His character is seen. The names tell us that He is the Most High God, Possessor of Heaven and Earth El Elyon, the Almighty God El Shaddai, the God who Is There Jehovah Shammah, and much more.  - Genesis 12-36.

Teacher: Bethanne Puckett | Room 204