Steps for Going on a Short Term Mission Trip

Whether traveling with a group or on your own, please follow these steps if you're interested in going on a short term mission trip.

1. Complete an application form.

Each person going on a mission trip must complete an application. You can view and submit your application online by using the link below.

2. Send an email containing details about your mission trip to Jane Wampler -

Include the following: 

  • Where you will be going and for how long
  • The goal of your trip
  • Who is the sponsoring organzation and background about them
  • Who you will be working with at the location
  • If international, security steps and medical precautions you are taking

3. Schedule an interview.

Once your application and email is received, the Trips Review Committee will schedule you (and your team, if applicable) for an interview. After prayerful consideration they will make a recommendation to the full Missions Committee along with a financial support recommendation.

4. Set up a temp account and send support letters.

If approved, contact the Business Office (301-262-1767 ext.228 or 229) for an assigned temp account. Once that is completed, you can begin to send out your support letters. The funds will be collected by the Business Office.

5. Before you leave for your trip, provide the church with your documents.

In case of an emergency, the church needs a copy of your itinerary, passport, visa, and any trip insurance information (if applicable). These documents will be held securely and destroyed upon your return from the mission trip.

Joining the Short Term Missions Trip Committee

The responsibilities of this committee includes, but are not limited to, interviewing trip applicants (especially first time applicants), and reviewing completed trip application forms. If interested, contact Jane Wampler -


The committee will make recommendations based on the following:


  • Purpose of the trip – evangelism through ministry, service, or outreach.
  • Individuals - member/attender, supporting the church through ministries, service, and finances, and spiritual maturity.

  • Location - safety and security of location

  • Finances - are approproate finances in place

  • Organizational Details - passports, insurance, medical, onsite details in place.

  • Short Term Mission Trip Duration - less than 30 days in duration

Committee Meeting and Agenda

Time and dates for meeting will be determined by this committee after receipt of a completed Mission Trip Application Form. They will consider only mission trips that are “short term” meaning the trip duration is anywhere from one to four weeks. Any short term mission trip which involves more than two people, a trip coordinator will be appointed for the team.


This committee will review all the completed Missions Trip Application Forms and, if necessary, interview one or all of the members planning to go on the mission trip. After the committee completes its review, they will make a recommendation including a support percentage to the Missions Committee. Recommendations are then presented to the Pastors and Deacons for review and approval.