• All of us struggle with conceit. We all tend to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. Most of us, including myself, have a way bigger superiority problem than an inferiority problem. In fact, conceit was a problem in almost every church that Paul wrote to. If you don’t think you are conceited, then you are probably conceited.

  • First and foremost, gospel Christianity is an event. It is news. It is not an idea, concept, ethic, or path to spirituality. It is not a moral code, rule for life, or political platform.

  • Hope is our reality. We don't just hope; we have a hope. Our hope is Christ and our union with him. We are and will be transformed. We are and will be renewed. We have been and will be resurrected. We are and will live forever. Our sins are and will be eternally gone. These are our new realities, our hope.

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