About 2 Squared

Our desire is that everyone at Grace will do this study at some point in their life. We use this study to teach you and equip you with knowledge and understanding of what the Christian life is all about. Whether you're a new believer or you've been a Christian for 50 years, there are valuable lessons to be learned in the 2 Squared program. The goal is that when you finish all the books of 2 Squared you will feel equipped and comfortable teaching the 2 Squared books to other people.

Throughout the 2 Squared study you will learn:

  • Foundational Christian topics: the Gospel, Faith, Sin, Grace, Law, the Trinity, Glory, etc.
  • How to apply the gospel truths to your everyday life
  • How to counsel others through their times of suffering and sin
  • How to teach others the gospel

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  • Groups of 3-6 adults
  • Coed, Men, and Women groups
  • A leader will guide you through the workbook
  • Study, discuss, and ask questions

You can join a new 2Squared group starting in January 2020!

2 Squared Books

These books are free to use. Download a PDF version below.

Book 1: LIFE

This study is perfect for those who are new to the Christian faith or even those who want to begin a deeper journey into the gospel. This book takes us deeper into the fundamentals of the gospel centered life. Understanding grace-based transformation and your identity in Christ is the goal. It explores the topics of Sin, Grace, Faith, Law, the Holy Spirit, and the means of grace such as Community, Bible Study, Prayer, and Discipline

Book 2: LIVE

This book journeys through extended texts of the New Testament exploring the truth of Christ’s life being lived through us. When we accept Christ we not only are forgiven, but we also receive his divine life inside of us. Learning to live from the life of Jesus is what this book is all about. This book is designed as a bit more of a self-study, but groups will meet to discuss questions and concepts together.

Book 3: LIFT

LIFT stands for Living in Faith Together. This book moves us beyond personal discipleship into the realm of guiding others in the spiritual journey. Understanding how the gospel changes us each and every day of our life is the goal. This is the deepest and most personal of the books, and students are asked to evaluate their own lives before learning how to walk with others through suffering and sin.